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Solenoid Valve Yuken DSG 01/03
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Sell Solenoid Valve Yuken DSG 01/03

Specification of Solenoid Valve Yuken DSG 01/03

Solenoid Valve Yuken DSG 01/03

Solenoid Valve Yuken Maximum Preasure 315 Bar With Different Voltage Different,

Can Be Applied In Any Type Hydraulic Power Pack Just As You Need.
Solenoid Valve is a type of valve that is driven by electrical energy through a solenoid, has a coil as a driving force to move the piston that can be driven by AC or DC currents, solenoid valve pneumatic or valve solenoids have output holes, input holes and exhaust holes.

The input hole serves as an incoming air supply terminal or outlet (service unit), while the output outlet serves as a terminal or outlet exhaust pressure pointed to the pneumatic, and exhaust hole, serves as a conduit for extracting pressurized air trapped as the plunger moves or move position when the solenoid valve pneumatic works.

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